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Calling Your State Senator or Representative

Some Calling Tips:

  • Don't expect to be able to reach your Senator of Representative directly. It's okay to talk to one of their aides. Remember, you are a voter and your opinion counts. The legislative aide will be sure to convey your message to you Senator or Representative.
  • Remember to say your full name and tell the person answering the phone what town you live in. It really matters to them that you are a voter!
  • Remember to say you are calling about Senate Bill 1530 that is currently in the Senate Ways and Means Committee.
  • Remember to say why you think it is important to restore and properly memorialize cemeteries at state hospitals.
  • If there is a state hospital in your area, say that to the aide. Let them know if you have visited the cemetery. Tell them what it looks like. Tell them how you feel about the graves being marked with numbers instead of names.
  • Ask if the Senator or Representative is aware of the bill. Ask if the Senator or Representative is supporting the bill.


Sample of what to say when you call:

"Hello, my name is _____________and I live in ________________. I am a registered voter and I would like to speak to Senator X. I am calling about Senate Bill 1530. That is a bill that calls for fixing up the forgotten cemeteries at state hospitals and other state institutions. Did you know that in our area, there are over 1,000 people buried at the old Grafton State Hospital? They are buried with numbers, no names. I think it's a disgrace. Animals in pet cemeteries are buried with more dignity than former patients at Grafton. Grafton is in Senator X's district. He/she should be aware of this. Is Senator X aware of Senate Bill 1530?

Cleaning up the cemeteries and giving these former patients a dignified resting place will not cost the taxpayer more money. The bill proposes using .5% - that's just one half of one percent - of the sale of old state hospitals and other institutions, to pay for the upkeep of the cemeteries. I want Senator X to do the right thing and vote for Senate Bill 1530. Is he planning on supporting that bill?

Thank you."



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