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    Victory! It is very empowering to have our stories aired on TV, radio and in newspapers. To be labeled with mental illness often means that people stop listening us. To reclaim our voice is a deeply healing experience! We can speak for ourselves and in so doing, reclaim our voice and our pride.
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    After the TV news story about Danvers State Hospital aired, the Department of Mental Health put $5,000 toward clearing the cemeteries. Here you see Bill Capone, a member of the Danvers State Memorial Committee, standing in the bulldozed cemetery with an incredulous look on his face. "I can't believe they tore this place apart with a Bobcat!", Bill exclaimed.
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    After the cemeteries were so hastily and poorly cleared, the Danvers State Memorial Committee had a choice to make. We could protest the bulldozing of the cemetery or we could celebrate the fact that it was the first time in forty years that people could walk through the cemetery to see how many graves there were. We decided to celebrate and on a cold November day in 1998 a group of ex-pedients, allies, clergy and press met to walk through the cemetery and bear witness.
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    As expected, in the spring of 1999 the cemeteries began to be overgrown again. Here you see Sam Chivers walking through the cemeteries and photographing the new overgrowth. We used photographs such as these to get our point across during face to face meeting with DMH officials.

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