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    It takes years of advocacy to get the state to restore and properly memorialize state hospital cemeteries. Thus we have found it important to keep the morale of the group up through various types of field trips and activities. Here is a group of Danvers State Memorial Committee Members arriving at Mt. Auburn Cemetery - a very lovely cemetery outside of Boston. We are there to get ideas for memorials for our cemetery.
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    Here are two members of the Danvers State Memorial Committee - Carol L'Italien and Arlene Horrell. Both are veterans. On a field trip to Grafton State Hospital they found that ex-patient veteran had bronze medallions at their burial site. Why not at Danvers State? Subsequently we found that veterans from the Spanish American War, WWI, and WWII are buried at Danvers.
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    On another field trip we went to explore the cemeteries at Worcester State Hospital. We found this rusted metal sign pole marking the place where a woman from WSH was buried in 1988!!
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    Here you see Steven Shuman, a member of the Danvers State Memorial Committee, running a display booth at a rally during Mental Illness Awareness Week in Webster Massachusetts. Getting the word out to other ex-patients and enlisting their participation in the effort is vital to the success of our campaign to restore the cemeteries.

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