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Metropolitan State Hospital / Fernald Center

Contacts: for DMH -- Ross Ellenhorn (781) 862-3600 x421
or Paul Ottenstein (781) 641-8127

for DMR -- Joanne Ciardello (781) 894-3600 x2103


This barren field with a remnant of a statue is the resting place for approximately 350 people who were former patients of Metropolitan State Hospital

At least 100 people attended a Dedication Ceremony held last May on the grounds of the Metropolitan State Hospital / Fernald Center cemetery. The following is an excerpt from the invitation to this event:

The Met/Fern Cemetery is situated at the border between a vacant psychiatric hospital and a parcel of conservation land. Little exists to signify its presence to any passersby. Approximately 350 ex-patients of Metropolitan State Hospital and the Fernald Center are buried in the cemetery. Their headstones, often sunken, deep in the ground or fallen to the side, mark each life with only a number. Our primary goal is to recognize each of those buried as unique individuals by providing headstones with a name, date of birth and death and any relevant signifying information. In addition, we hope to beautify the cemetery and to assist with the continued upkeep of the cemetery grounds.

This unearthed concrete block serves as a marker for "Protestant 140"

The Met/Fern Cemetery Project has names of the people buried in the cemetery and wants real markers to replace the original numbered pieces of cement. They also want an access road to the cemetery.

Currently, the group is working to get representation on the Citizens Advisory Committee dealing with the sale of the state hospital land. They are also hoping to increase the number of consumer members in their group -- get in touch with any of the people listed above, if you are interested.

The "C" indicates Catholic number 63




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