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Contact person: Alfred Bacotti, Director of Glavin Regional Center (508) 845-9111 ext. 221

Bob Johnson, Janine Joseph, Dr. Al Bacotti and Roland Charpentier stand in front of the beautifully restored Hillside West Cemetery

There are two cemeteries at Worcester State Hosptial. Both are located in an area that was the former farm of Worcester State Hospital. The farms are no longer in operation and the Glavin Center for people with developmental disabilities is located there.

Hillside West, the smaller of the two cemeteries, has 217 former patients from Worcester State Hospital buried there. These ex-patients were buried between 1918 and 1924. In the fall of 1999, following many years of work by a committee of staff and family members, a rededication ceremony celebrated the restoration of this cemetery. Hillside West is now beautifully landscaped, with the original stone wall rebuilt, gates at the entrance, and proper headstones for the people buried there. This restored and properly memorialized cemetery sets an example of excellence that we are working to match at all state hospital cemeteries.

Simple yet dignified gravestones bearing the names of former patients have replaced numbered markers at Worcester State's Hillside West Cemetery thanks to the work of the staff at the Glavin Center

The larger cemetery, Hillside East, holds the graves of patients buried between 1925 and the mid-1980's. Restoration of this cemetery is still in process. It's surrounded by an old stone wall that has had to be restored, and a lot of landscaping has been necessary to cut back the forest which had encroached upon it. Gates and pillars have been installed with the cemetery's name on them. Research has turned up the names and dates of birth and death for all of the people buried here. Currently, efforts are being made to provide headstones for each grave. Al Bacotti estimates it will be possible to place 200 stones a year. There are 1200 graves total, so it will be another 4 years before this work is completed.


Hillside East is the larger of the two cemeteries with 1,200 former patients buried there

Marker 1018 at Worcester State Hospital's Hillside East cemetery


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